Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another Awesome One Day Only Special!

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What’s A Latte Mug Hug, You Ask?

•January: (New Year’s Day) - Fill your Latte Mug with items to help you fulfill your New Year’s resolutions, like post-it notes, pens, motivational stickers, pocket calendars.
• February: (Valentine's Day) - Fill your Latte Mug with chocolate heart candies or cinnamon “red hots.” Make your Latte Mug conversational with some conversation hearts. Pink and white M&Ms fill the space well, too and try topping it off with an I Love You helium balloon tied to the handle.
• March: (St. Patrick's Day) - Welcome spring by filling your Latte Mug with seed packets and a pair of garden gloves. For an Irish touch try adding a small bag of Irish coffee.
• April: (Easter or Secretaries Day) - The Easter Bunny can leave more than baskets! Fill a Latte Mug with Easter grass, jelly beans & chocolates. For your administrative assistant fill a Latte Mug with cocoa mix & cookies.
• May: (Mother’s Day) – Fill a Latte Mug with mom’s favorite scented mini bath and body lotions & soaps. Add tissue paper tied with a sheer bow. Even better, add a gift certificate for massage or manicure.
•June: (Father’s Day or Graduation) – Dads will love a Latte Mug filled with sporting event tickets, l ottery tickets or gift certificates. College grads moving into their own place need something to drink out of so start them off in style with some Longaberger Latte Mugs.
• July: (Independence Day) – For a simple, yet colorful centerpiece on your 4th of July table, line up a paprika, ivory, and cornflower Latte Mug and fill with a few flowers, red/white/blue napkins or even colored tissue paper.
• August: (End of Summer Barbecue/Back to School) – This is a great time to fill a Latte Mug with a bottle of Barbecue Sauce & a basting brush. Present to the host of your neighborhood Labor Day BBQ. Or fill with chalk or white board markers and give to your favorite teacher to start off the new year.
• September: (Off to College/ Grandparent’s Day) – Going off to college means late night studying and a need for something from home. Fill a Latte Mug with a long distance phone card. Send a second Latte Mug for a matched set later in the semester and fill it with stamps, rolls of quarters for laundry, even pizza coupons or gift certificates. Give a pair to Grandma & Grandpa filled with their favorite tea!
• October: (National Boss Day/Halloween) – Fill your Latte with your boss’ favorite treat and tie a balloon to the handle. For your Halloween party place an array of ebony & spice Latte Mugs on the table, each filled with a different candy. Dangle a plastic spider off the handle for a ghoulish accent.
• November: (Thanksgiving/ Happy Harvest) – Fill a Latte Mug with all the things that will help you weather the winter months. Packets of cider spices are wonderful with some cinnamon sticks.
• December: (Hanukkah/Christmas /Kwanzaa/ Happy Holidays) – Latte Mugs are perfect for small office gifts filled with Hershey’s kisses, peppermint patties, candy canes or hot chocolate, Or fill with your own homemade fudge. Small stocking stuffers will fit nicely for family, friends, or your secret Santa.

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Lori Younker


Femin Susan said...

Your blog is really interesting... Keep posting....Good Luck...Welcome to my blog...

Merry Christmas and happy New year.

GypsyLaKat (Missy) said...

Hey, when you post a picture to blogger, if you hold your mouse over it for a second after it is copied or "shows up" on the page, it will give you some options for sizing, that will let you pick an option that will fit the whole image in. Like your site though!
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